"I'm not very interested in keeping things exclusive, unattainable. Fashion is art, art is culture, culture is shared, high fashion doesn't belong to a specific group of people and it shouldn't remain in the hands of a small group. I've been accused of cheapening the brand, of de-classing it, which is really just code for associating it with brown bodies. Balmain was founded in 1946 so it has this kind of nostalgic post-war Paris couture memory to it for the older fashion crowd, but that period is over. It's time to move on from Grace Kelly. The picture of beauty and glamour for me today looks more like Sessilee, Joan, Liya, Naomi, Jourdan. I want to fight the notion that black bodies, black hair, black music, and black ideas are somehow not suited for high fashion. We are perfectly suited for high fashion, as we are perfectly suited for so many other roles we have never been offered."
ANONYMOUS so if paul-henri and sami are so happily married, why is he going to film fesitvals w/o her??

Any number of reasons anon :) she has a show coming up later this month so she's probably really busy working. Remember they've been married for her entire professional career so they know how to weather challenging times like this. We'll see them together again soon!

My fav looks from BALMAIN Resort 2017

"Your clothes are all made by Balmain and there's diamonds and pearls in your hair."

@kyliejennersnapchats: Balmain body suit
"I love Kim. I find her fantastically beautiful and visually sumptuous. She brings a beautiful silhouette to the fashion world, she brings an under appreciated beauty, something we don't get to see very often in on runways in Paris. Short, she's shorter than I am, she's only five foot three, and she's curvy. She's very brave, I think, and very important right now in the context of the growing conversation about agency and modesty and women being trusted to make their own choices and having those choices be respected regardless of whether or not they're agreed with." (WWD)
ANONYMOUS do u have a link to the homme s/s 2017 show?

here ya go bb! balmainlive.com

ANONYMOUS when is the next show?

Mode á Paris has Balmain RTW 2017 scheduled for 29 September!